Welcome To Casa Cerdo

The bunkhouse at SandFork Ranch, aka “Casa Cerdo”, will be set up as a true bunkhouse. There will be a full kitchen/living area complete with comfortable seating. The bedroom will have six beds with each hunter having their own “closet” to house their personal belongings. Then, there are the restroom facilities. Two individual spaces with toilets, two individual showers, as well as a couple of sinks. A covered wrap-around porch with seating and fire ring can be enjoyed as well. A wood/charcoal burning grill will also be on the bunkhouse’s porch to use.

There will be a 25x10 foot mudroom to house all of the hunters gear, coolers, and weapon cases. There will be a wash rack right outside of the mudroom to clean boots when the need arises.

There is a 100-yard rifle range as well as bow targets out to 30 yards. For those that like to fish, we have a fishing pond to enjoy during the midday downtime. Only a very short walk from the bunkhouse.