West Texas Hunts

At SandFork Ranch all of our hunts, except our Dove hunts, are conducted with the “noon to noon” format. Hunters arrive at 1pm on their first day and depart at 11am on their last day. This insures that camp belongs to the group from the moment they arrive till the moment they depart. We do not book more than 6 hunters at a time. If your group only has three to the party, then there is a possibility that there would be three others in camp during your stay. 

west texas hog hunting

Hog Hunts

The hog hunts are semi guided. Our hunters are transported to and from the stands, as well as their harvested game. We primarily hunt out of stands over feeders or fed roads. We do allow spot and stalk hunting during the midday, but no spot and stalk hunting during the stand hunt times. Average shots for firearms are 80 yards, archery stands are around 20-25 yards.


Best Hunting Ranch in Texas

Whitetail Hunts

All of our whitetail hunts are guided. We only take one whitetail hunter at a time. This insures that the quality of the hunt and animals are what the hunter is looking for. Availability is very limited

Bucks harvested must meet two criteria. 1. Must be 8 point or larger 2. Have an outside spread that is greater than 13. 


Dove Hunt, Dove Hunting

Dove Hunts

Our dove hunts are more geared to the do-it-yourself style. We meet our hunters at the fields in the morning and the hunters have all day to fill their limit. We primarily hunt over fields in the morning and then hunt water in the evenings. We usually only hunt the first two weeks of the season. Our part of Texas has been very good to us during September. 


Ram Hunting in Texas

Ram Hunts

Our ram hunts are an enjoyable experience. You can hunt them out of stands over feeders or have a blast on a spot and stalk hunt. Generally, the rams like open terrain, which allows ample opportunities for a hunter to put on their best sneak.


Texas Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunts

Our Rio Grande Turkey hunts are an exciting time! We can run and gun or slow down and archery hunt out of popup blinds. We hunt 3000+ acres of creek and river bottoms as well as mesquite flats and wheat fields. Plenty of options no matter the hunting style. We only take up to two turkey hunters at a time. The hunt is guided 2x1 (2 hunters x 1 guide) or 1x1 if the hunter chooses to hunt solo. Something exciting to do on our beautiful West Texas spring days!