Looking to embark on a Texas hog hunt? Discover essential details on packages, costs, and what to expect from your wild adventure in the Texan wilderness, without any unnecessary fluff. We'll cover everything from the state's legal requirements and successful field strategies for Texas hog hunting to tips on finding the best Texas hog hunting ranches.Whether you’re seeking a trophy or just the thrill of the chase, this guide will steer you toward an unforgettable experience.

A Comprehensive Guide:

Hunting at SandFork Ranch goes beyond just the thrill of the hunt. This hog hunting ranch offers two distinct hog hunting packages designed to cater to different hunting preferences.

Best for the dedicated hunter: The Hog Hunt Package. This package, offered by a top hog hunting outfitter, is perfect for those who are after the experience to hunt wild hogs in their natural habitat. It includes two days of intensive hog hunting and two nights of lodging.

Best for the trophy hunter: The Trophy Hog Hunt Package. This package is designed for hunters seeking a thrilling experience targeting large, wild boars suitable for mounting as trophies. It includes two days of hunting, two nights of lodging, and a guaranteed opportunity at a trophy-class wild boar.

As part of their services, SandFork provides a 100% free-range experience, featuring the opportunity to hunt feral hogs, available year-round. The packages also come with essential amenities such as:

  • Accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen
  • Fridges
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating

The Hog Hunt Package

  • $500 Hunt
  • Two days of hunting

  • Two nights of lodging

  • Hunts running from noon to noon

  • Guests expected to arrive at 1 PM on the first day and depart at 11 AM on the third day

  • Two hogs of any size included in the package

  • Additional hogs priced at $200 a piece



  • Accommodations with comfortable beds, linens, and towels.
  • SandFork will gut/skin/quarter each hog starting at $30 going up depending on size..
  • Space for campfires and recreational fishing.


  • Additional necessities such as beverages, food, and hunting equipment must be provided by the hunter.
  • Extra fees are charged for gutting, skinning and quatering the hunted animals.

The Hog Hunt Package offers an authentic Texas hog hunting experience. The thrill of hunting wild hogs, the comfort of the accommodations, and the convenience of the onsite skinning, gutting, and quartering. However, hunters should be prepared for additional expenses, including providing their own hunting equipment and paying for processing the hunted animals.

Pros of the Hog Hunt Package

Price: $500.

The Hog Hunt Package offers several unique benefits, including:

  • Comfortable beds, linens, and towels
  • Individual air conditioners
  • Exterior doors
  • Private baths

Hunters are afforded the luxury of unwinding and recuperating after an extended period engaged in hog hunting.

With the convenience onsite dressing of the hogs, hunters have the benefit of converting their newly acquired hog into neatly dressed quarters, which they can store in coolers and take to a local processor. This removes any inconvenience associated with taking the hog meat to be processed at another location.

SandFork Ranch enhances leisure time with its provision for campfire spaces and ponds designated for fishing activities, ensuring that guests have plenty of options for relaxation and entertainment when they aren’t out on a hunt.

Cons of the Hog Hunt Package

While the Hog Hunt Package offers numerous advantages, there are some extra costs that hunters must bear. These include providing their own:

  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Snacks
  • Essential hunting equipment such as guns, ammo, and camouflage.

The ability to lean on SandFork to dress your hogs is helpful, but could incur additional charges. These charges encompass the full range of services for handling the harvested hogs – specifically skinning, gutting, and quartering starting at $30. It is important to factor in these extra expenses when assessing the comprehensive worth of the Hog Hunt Package.

Best Texas Hog Hunting

For the hunting enthusiast seeking an exhilarating chase ending with a trophy hog, our Trophy Hog Hunt Package provides the perfect opportunity. Priced at $900, this package offers a two-day excursion aimed at tracking down and capturing large wild boars worthy of being mounted as trophies. The experience encompasses two full days of hunting along with comfortable lodging for two nights. Our schedule is set from noon to noon on these days, requiring guests to check in by 1 PM on their arrival day and plan their departure for 11 AM after the second night’s stay.


  • Guaranteed opportunity at a trophy-class hog.
  • Accommodations with comfortable beds, linens, and towels.
  • Onsite Hog Dressing including: Gutting, Skinning, and Quartering starting at $30.


  • Additional expenses if hunters decide to harvest more hogs than the trophy-class hog included in the package
  • Additional necessities such as beverages, food, and hunting equipment must be provided by the hunter
  • Extra fees are charged for dressing the hunted animals

The Trophy Hog Hunt Package offers a unique hunting scenario by offering a guaranteed opportunity at these mature boars, presenting a real element of danger due to their wild nature and survival instincts. The comfort of the accommodations and the convenience of onsite dressing add to the appeal of this package. However, hunters should be prepared for additional expenses, including providing their own hunting equipment and having to pay to get the hunted animals processed.

Pros of the Trophy Hog Hunt Package

Price: $900.

The Trophy Hog Hunt Package offers several unique benefits, including:

  • Comfortable beds, linens, and towels
  • Air conditioning
  • Exterior doors
  • Private baths

This ensures a comfortable stay during the hunting trip.

This package presents a significant benefit by ensuring hunters the chance at harvesting a trophy-class hog, adding an element of risk and excitement due to the innate wildness and instinctual behaviors of these sizeable boars. An additional key advantage is the availability of onsite dressing where hunters can bring coolers to have their newly hunted hog expertly gutted, skinned, and quartered.

Cons of the Trophy Hog Hunt Package

While the Trophy Hog Hunt Package offers a thrilling hunting experience, it also comes with additional expenses. Hunters may incur additional expenses if they decide to harvest more hogs than the trophy-class hog included in the package.

Just like the Hog Hunt Package, hunters are required to provide their own beverages, foo, snacks, and essential hunting equipment such as guns, ammo, camouflage, and a valid hunting license. In addition, while the convenience of the onsite hog dressing is a major advantage, it does come with extra fees starting at $30 depending on the size of the hog.

Understanding Texas Hog Hunting

Hog hunting in Texas is not just a sport, but also a necessity due to the substantial population of wild pigs in the state. As of 2016, estimates of the wild hog population in Texas were around 2.6 million, and more recent figures suggest a population of over 4 million, making Texas the state with the most abundant free-ranging introduced ungulates in the United States.

The explosion of the wild hog population in Texas is largely due to their high reproductive rate, with sows breeding throughout the year and having multiple reproductive cycles. This, combined with their adaptability and lack of natural predators, has led to their rapid proliferation.

The ecological damage and economic impact inflicted by wild pigs in Texas correlate with their burgeoning numbers and density, leading to significant challenges for the state’s land and agricultural sectors. This underscores the importance of hog hunting in controlling the wild hog population and mitigating its impact on the environment and economy.

Essential Gear for Hog Hunting

Preparing for a hog hunt requires careful consideration of the necessary gear. Hunters can successfully pursue wild boars in Texas using a variety of methods including:

  • rifle
  • bow
  • crossbow
  • muzzle-loader
  • handgun

A suitable firearm or bow, along with the appropriate ammunition or arrows, is critical for effectively hunting hogs.

Proper clothing is also essential. Here are some tips for selecting the right clothing for Texas hog hunts:

  • Wear camouflage clothing to avoid detection by hogs, especially in diverse landscapes.
  • Be prepared for varying weather conditions and select clothing that can accommodate both warm and cold temperatures.
  • Wear sturdy boots to safely navigate the rough terrain encountered during Texas hog hunts.

In addition to weapons and clothing, several accessories can enhance a hunter’s success. Some essential accessories for hog hunting include:

  • A reliable flashlight or headlamp for visibility during dawn or dusk hunts when hogs are most active
  • Quality binoculars to aid in spotting hogs from a distance
  • A sharp knife for field dressing the hog after the hunt

These accessories are indispensable tools for hog hunters.

Furthermore, the use of thermal image scopes allows for up to 1,400 yards of heat detection in complete darkness, offering a significant advantage for night hunting.

The Appeal of the SandFork Lodge

The appeal of SandFork Ranch extends beyond the thrill of the hunt. The lodge offers comfortable new rooms for the 2024 season, designed to accommodate both individual hunters and larger groups. Accommodations include amenities such as a kitchen equipped with a grill and fridge, a facility for skinning catches, and a walk-in cooler for storage.

In addition to hunting, guests at SandFork Ranch can enjoy a variety of recreational activities. The ranch offers fishing in stocked lakes, engaging in archery target practice, and utilizing rifle and pistol ranges. These activities provide ample opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment outside of hunting hours, contributing to the overall appeal of the lodge.


In conclusion, Texas hog hunting offers a thrilling and engaging activity for hunters of all levels. SandFork Ranch stands out as a top destination for this experience, offering unique packages that cater to different hunting preferences. The ranch provides comfortable accommodations, essential amenities, and the convenience of an onsite dressing.

Whether you’re after the thrill of hunting wild hogs or the prestige of bagging a trophy-class hog, SandFork Ranch offers packages designed to deliver an unforgettable experience. With careful planning, the right gear, and a spirit of adventure, a Texas hog hunt can be a rewarding and exciting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hog hunting in Texas?

Hog hunting in Texas offers an exhilarating sport with ample action and the chance to bring home a tasty reward.

What is the estimated population of wild hogs in Texas?

In Texas, the wild hog population has surpassed an estimated 4 million. This burgeoning number presents considerable difficulties for those owning land and engaged in agricultural activities.

What are some reasons for the proliferation of wild hogs in Texas?

In Texas, the widespread presence of wild hogs can be attributed to their remarkable reproductive capabilities, high adaptability, a lack of natural predators, and insufficient effective control strategies. These elements collectively contributed to the rampant increase in hog populations across the state.

What is required for hog hunting in Texas?

You don’t need a hunting license for hog hunting on private property in Texas as long as you have the landowner’s permission.

What gear is needed for hog hunting in Texas?

For successful hog hunting in Texas, equip yourself with a firearm or bow, a sturdy knife, binoculars for spotting from afar, clothes designed with camouflage patterns to blend into the environment, and products that eliminate human scent.

Make sure your attire is suitable for fluctuating temperatures—be prepared for hot conditions as well as cooler climates.